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Tooling Design and Mold Making

Precision moulds and tooling making is one of our key areas in proving strong engineering and technical support for our die-casting operations. We know only highest quality tooling can produce the high quality castings that customers demand. Our company has a perfect design team, apply advanced CAD/CAE/CAM design program, and import Anycasting mold design software to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for complex parts. This allows for thorough evaluation and refinement of the tool design before tool construction begins and ensures the tool will produce the best possible part with optimal production efficiencies. We can also assist in formulating a comprehensive testing program to ensure the final integrity of your components.

High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting & Zinc Die Casting

Die casting is a high pressure metal manufacturing process that forces molten metal into a mold cavity to create the part in various of shapes. The mold cavity consists of two hardened tool steel dies. A hot- or cold-chamber machine is used based on the cast metal.

Die casting can produce a broad range of parts with perfect finish and astonishing detail.

We offer die casting services in a variety of materials : A380, ADC-10, ADC-12, ADC-6, ADC-3, YL-102(LM20), and Zinc #3 & #5.

Compliant to Standards: DIN, ASTM and BS, JIS.

Casting Machining Locking Pressure: Cold Chamber Machine-180 Ton, 280 Ton, 400 Ton. Hot Chamber Machine- 38 Ton, 138 Ton, 160 Ton

Precision Machining

We have complete sets of equipments for precision machining, such as CNC Lathe and Brother CNC TAPPING CENTER, KIWA VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER, NIKKEN FOURTH AXIS ROTARY TABLE from Japan.

Surface Finish

Shotblasting , Vibratory Finishing, Polishing, Chromating, E- plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating. Anodized Colour: Silver, red, champagne, black, blue, bronze and so on.

Turn-Key assembly

One stop shopservice from component to assembly

Value added service from mechanical to 

electronlcs Cleanliness controlled environment

Turn-Key assembly
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